King and Spider Story where spider was trying to climb the roof of the cave.

King and Spider Story

Here’s a King and Spider Story where the King want to give up but in the cave he get inspired from the Spider and won the battle.

Once there was a king who was ruling a kingdom.

One day his enemies attack his kingdom and the king lost but he didn’t surrender to his enemies.

He fought bravely and went to the mountains.

The enemies now conquered his kingdom.

After days passed the king with his remaining soldiers attacked his enemies but again got defeated.

Then he saved his life but his enemies fail to catch him.

Again after days with his soldiers, he attacked his enemies who conquered his kingdom but again failed.

Then his enemies announced in the kingdom that whoever give the information of the king will be rewarded with gold coins.

So he set out to hide in the caves.

When he was hiding in the cave he was thinking of giving himself to his enemies.

When he was thinking of giving up he saw a spider in the cave.

The spider was trying to climb the roof of the cave.

With many attempts, he failed to climb the roof of the cave but when he attempted again he succeeded to climb the roof of cave.

King after seeing the spider didn’t give up then we are human beings.

He got up and contacted his soldiers and then they decided to attack once again but this time the attack will be of full power.

The king with his soldiers attacked the enemies but this time he defeated his enemies and got his kingdom back.

When we think of giving up then we also think of the spider who is a species that tries thousand times but we humans try two to three times and then we give up.


Sometimes we lose but this doesn’t mean we are dead. Circumstances come but have patience and do it with all your strength. Success will be yours.


We see in life people attempt one time and if they fail they will give up.

That is not life, life is having problems, and then defeating the problems and conquering your dreams.

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