inspirational story on perspective

Inspirational Story on Perspective

This is an Inspirational story on Perspective, the Zen story which teaches an old crying lady to the smiling lady. Let’s start the story.

Once upon a time there was an old woman who was always crying.

Her oldest daughter was married to an umbrella salesman while the youngest daughter was the wife of a noodle seller.

On sunny days, she was worried, “Well, nobody is going to buy umbrellas. What will happen if the store has to close? ”

These troubles made him sad and she could not hold back her tears.

When it rained, she cried for a little girl as she thought, “Oh no! my youngest daughter is married to a noodle seller. They cannot dry out noodles in the sun and now there will be no more noodles to sell. What should we do”?

As a result, the old woman lived in misery every day.

Whether it is sunny or rainy, she cries for one of her daughters.

Though her neighbors could not encourage her and laughed at her calling her a “crying lady“.

One day she met a zen.

He was curious as to why she kept crying.

She explained the problem.

The zen kindly smiled and said, “Madam, you don’t have to worry. I will show you the way to happiness and you will no longer need to be sad”.

The crying lady was very happy.

She immediately asked the zen to show him what to do.

The zen replied, ”It is very simple. You just have to change your mind. On sunny days, don’t think your older daughter can’t sell umbrellas but the younger daughter can dry her noodles. With such beautiful sunlight, she should be able to make many noodles and his business should be very good”.

“When it rains, think of your daughter’s umbrella shop. In the rain, everyone has to buy umbrellas. She will sell more umbrellas and her shop will prosper. ”

Finally the old woman saw the light.

So she followed the zen’s instructions.

After a few days, she stopped crying.

Instead, she smiled every day.

From that day on she was known as the “smiling lady“.


There are always two sides to the coin, depending on which side you choose to look at.

The conclusion

In today’s world we see people crying for many reasons but they do not know if they change their perspective of life they will change and live a happy life.

So what is you perspective of life comment below.

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