Faith In God Story man climbing the mountain

Faith In God Story

Here’s a Faith In God Story where the man who believes in God didn’t listen to God and lost his life. let’s see what happens. Once there was a man who decided to climb a mountain. On the decided day he went with his belongings to climb the mountain. He didn’t even research or planned […]

Sage and King Story where the sage was meditating

Sage and King Story

Here’s a Sage and King Story where the sage helped the king and in return didn’t take anything but in future took help from God. Once there was a king who got badly hurt in the battle. The doctor refused to treat him because the wound was so deep that they couldn’t help the king. […]

Secret of Happiness Story palace at the top of mountain

Secret of Happiness Story

Here’s a Secret of Happiness Story where the young boy wants to find the real happiness of life from the wisest man on Earth. Once there was a boy who wanted to know the secret of happiness from the wisest man on earth. He traveled many places from deserts to hills And he came to […]

Painting Mistakes in crossroad

Painting Mistakes

Here’s a Painting Mistakes Story where painter got hundred of mistakes in his painting but when told to correct it what happened let’s see. Once there was a painter who lived in a city. He put up his painting on the street and everyone admired it. People who look at the painting wouldn’t get tired […]

Knots In Rope teaching of buddha

Knots In Rope

Here’s a Knots In Rope Buddha Story where Buddha tied three knots in a rope and asked disciples what do you see? Once disciples were sitting waiting for Buddha. Buddha came and as soon he started the discourse he took out a rope and tied three knots leaving space between them. The disciples were curious […]

Old Man Story who always remains sad

Old Man Story

Here’s an Old Man Story who always remains sad and gloomy but one day he decided not to be happy that day he was very happy. Once there was an old man who lived in a village. All villagers know him because of his nature. He always remains sad and when some want to talk […]

Saint Story where he is telling sorry whom he hurt

Saint Story

Here’s a Saint Story where the saint teaches his disciple how to control anger and told you have only seven days left. let’s see Once there was a saint who was in discourse with his disciples. His disciples say the saint guru. One day when saint was talking about behavior one man entered the room […]

Dreamcatcher Story where spider makes web but a whole in the middle

Dreamcatcher Story

Here’s a Dreamcatcher Story where a leader of the tribe go to mountains for vision and insights. The spider gives the direction let’s see Many years ago, there was a leader of the tribe. He used to go to the mountains and sit in silence for vision. He has a faith that in that mountain […]

Short Story on God where an old woman smiles and in return the little boy also smiles.

Short Story on God

Here’s a Short Story on God is everywhere where you come to know when we smile then we also receive smiles in return. let’s start the story Once there was a boy who decided to meet God. He knew that the place where God lives is far so he packed his bag in which he […]

Story of Ababil Birds and the Elephant where the flock of birds flying in the sky

Story of Ababil Birds and The Elephants

Here’s a Story of Ababil Birds and the Elephant taken from history where how flock of birds defeated the army of Abraha, let’s see. Many years ago, there was a king of Yemen name Abraha who was very proud of his power. One day, he decided to attack the holy city of Mecca. When the […]