The Stranger in The Garden Story where the man was picking the fruits

The Stranger in The Garden Story

Here’s The Stranger in The Garden Story where man who planted trees bear fruits, stranger pick all the fruits and say I am servant of God. Once there was a man who has a very big garden. In the garden, there are trees of different fruits. The man planted the tree a year ago and […]

Story of a Crow who is sitting on the branch

Story of a Crow

Here’s a Story of a Crow which will make us understand that what we are is our best and when we copy others then we not get happy. Once there was a crow who learned to fly from one place to another. When he flew to town he saw that parrots are given chilies and […]

Greedy Man Story a thick forest with a path

Greedy Man Story

Here’s a Greedy Man Story where a greedy man due to his greediness taste death because greedy mind becomes foolish and a step towards death. Once there was a tiger who lived in a forest. The thick forest lies between the two villagers. One day a rich merchant was passing by the thick forest. The […]

The Sad Peacock Story who was sad because of his voice

The Sad Peacock Story

Here’s The Sad Peacock Story where he wants a voice like a nightingale but the forest Goddess make him understand that everyone is unique. Once there was a peacock who opened his feathers and enjoyed the rain. The rain was so pleasant that the peacock was walking with joy and dancing in the rain. Every […]

Teamwork Story of a sparrow fly woodpecker and frog

Teamwork Story

Here’s a Teamwork Story where teamwork of sparrow, woodpecker, fly and frog worked and it taught a lesson to an elephant. Once there was a sparrow who lived in a jungle. The sparrow made a nest on the tree where she laid eggs. She was waiting for the egg to hatch and her children would […]

The Broken Pot Story one of the pots was broken

The Broken Pot Story

Here’s The Broken Pot Story where the pot bearer doesn’t know why pot got half emptied reaching his destination. let’s see why? Once there was a water bearer who used to carry water into pots. There were two pots at both sides of the stick. The stick used to be at the shoulder of the […]

Faithful Dog Story where the dog saved a child

Faithful Dog Story

Here’s a Faithful Dog Story where a Dog who was so faithful that he didn’t even thought of his life and attacked the wolf. let’s see Ritesh lived in town but loved nature. On his son’s birthday, he decided to book a cottage in the forest where he will celebrate his son’s birthday. They left […]

Magical Tree Story elder brother cutting the magical tree

Magical Tree Story

Here’s a Magical Tree Story how the magical tree showers golden apples then the needle why is it first golden apples then needle let’s see. There were two brothers who lived at the edge of the forest. Their work was to cut firewood and sell them at the market. The elder brother whose nature was […]

Story of Nature Beauty where the traveler was resting under an orange tree

Story of Nature Beauty

Here’s Story of Nature Beauty where the traveler came to know that the nature has been made for us so we must enjoy its beauty. Let’s start the story. One day, traveler was crossing the desert with a bag on his back. He was searching on his way but found no tree to take rest. […]

the fisherman and his wife story in english

The fisherman and his wife story in English

Here’s The fisherman and his wife story in English which will teach no one will get more than its fortune. what the fisherman gets let’s see. Once there was a fisherman who lived with his wife near the sea. The fisherman has a small filthy shack he and his wife lived. One day when he […]