The Sleepless King royal bed

The Sleepless King

Here’s The Sleepless King Story where the king can’t sleep but after working with servants and at the end he sleeps. Once there was a king who was having dinner with the queen. After having dinner the king and the queen were going to sleep. The queen said Goodnight and went to sleep. As the […]

Donkey And The Wolf story

Donkey And The Wolf

Here’s a Donkey And The Wolf Story where the wolf with his foolishness missed his meal and donkey with presence of mind saved his life. Once there was a donkey who was grazing in the hills. He didn’t notice that a wolf came quietly and hide in the bushes. When the donkey took a break […]

Wolf and Lamb Story where the wolf was sitting near lamb

Wolf and Lamb Story

Here’s a Wolf and Lamb Story where the wolf was about to eat the lamb but the lamb think wisely and he got saved from the wolf. Once there was a shepherd who had folk of sheep. One day the folk of sheep went to graze the land and one lamb found sweet grass and […]

The Farmer Story where all farmers are working

The Farmer Story

Here’s The Farmer Story where the farmer with his clever mind fulfill what he desires and won the challenge. Let’s read the full story. Once there was a very rich merchant who owned lands, farms, and fields. He was very arrogant and also a greedy merchant. He had hundreds of workers who work for him […]

Dishonest Milkman Story crossing the river to city

Dishonest Milkman Story

Here’s a Dishonest Milkman Story where the milkman mixes water with milk and earn a good amount of profit. But why was he crying let’s see Once there was a milkman who lived in a village. Day by day the demand for milk was increasing. His customers were fixed in the city. In the morning […]

Farmer Story who was cutting woods

Farmer Story

Here’s a Farmer Story who one day goes to cut woods and find the eagle trapped so he thought to free the eagle but what happened let’s see. Once there was a farmer who was passing by a forest. After working for hours the farmer cut the woods to sell them and earn some coins. […]

Cursed Doll Story who looks pretty

Cursed Doll Story

Here’s a Cursed Doll Story where the employee cautioned the girl of the cursed doll but they ignored it and took the doll to her home. Once there was a girl who has a collection of dolls. She likes to collect dolls which are small, big and beautiful. She has a vast collection of dolls […]

Elephant Story who was alone in the jungle

Elephant Story

Here’s an Elephant Story he was alone in forest so wanted to make friends. Everyone denied his friendship but at the end they become friends. Once there was an Elephant who was alone in the jungle. One day when he was walking through the jungle he saw a monkey. He asked, “Will you be my […]

Two Headed Bird ate the poisonous tree

Two Headed Bird

Here’s a Two Headed Bird Story where two headed bird fight in ego and due to their ego the bird died. let’s see what happens. Once there was a bird with two heads. They have two heads but share the same stomach. They lived near the river on a tree. One day when they were […]

Greedy Dog Story where dog got a big juicy bone

Greedy Dog Story

Here’s a Greedy Dog Story where a dog with his greediness lost the food which was his and that day he slept with empty stomach. Once upon a time, there lived a greedy dog. He used to go here and there for food and water. He lived in a small doghouse and whenever he feels […]