An Old Lady Story of her soil

An Old Lady Story

Here’s An Old Lady Story where the lady was sad she was leaving the land that belongs to her ancestors and what did she said before leaving.

Once there was a cunning and greedy landlord who lived in a village.

Most lands in the village belong to him.

He gives money to the ones who are in need with high interest and when they didn’t return the money on time the land then belongs to the landlord.

This is how he owns most of the land in the village.

Now his eyes are to own the land near his house.

The land belongs to an old lady living alone.

She would plant her crops to fulfill her needs.

The landlord thought to own the lady at any cost.

So he bribed the government official and made a copy of the original document in his name.

The landlord with the government official visited the old lady and handed over a notice.

The notice says this land belongs to the landlord and he wants the land back so you have to empty the land as soon as possible.

The lady shocked as she knows that this land belongs to her because her ancestors bought the land.

She said to the government official that she is living for many years but the government official didn’t listen to anything.

Then the old lady visited the local court but the judgment came in the landlord’s favor.

Now the old lady has to vacant the lady.

The landlord and the government official were standing and waiting for the old lady to vacant the land.

The old lady said to the landlord I have been living here my whole life and now you are talking everything from me.

Well, I was born on this land, played, and grew up here.

We are made up of the same soil so allow me to take some soil in the basket.

The landlord allowed her to take the soil with her.

The lady carried so much soil that she can’t lift the basket.

The landlord then helped her but the basked was too heavy to lift so the landlord kept the basked on the land.

And asked why are you carrying so much soil.

The lady replied I had only a small land and in it, I can’t carry a single basked full of soil then how will you carry the soil who is the owner of so much of land?

The landlord stood stunned and realized his mistake.

He told the old lady now you can live here without any problem and now the land belongs to you.


No gain will satisfy a greedy mind.


We see in life how people get destroyed by God if they have done wrong with others.

So, fear God who made you and the fact is we are made up of soil and will end up in the soil.

So, stop making people fool and spend a beautiful life in this world.

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